This Glossary is intended to make it easier for the users of these (Conservery "Holding Base" related) Blogs to find unique terms described in a central location for ease of use. In this manner, references to other posts can be centralized here instead of throughout other posts, as appropriate.

TERMS                                                                MEANINGS AS USED IN THIS BLOG

Checkbook Legitimacy  (CL)                             The practice adopted by “free Loader”
                                                                       types of demonstrating “authenticity” in
                                                                       their estimation by relying on the spending
                                                                       of funds from their phony accounts open in
                                                                       the identities of those whose have been
                                                                       targeted and who have been "imprisoned"
                                                                       financially, to make such activity possible.
                                                                       As as in their opinion, the funds currently
                                                                       being spent, in their phony IDs this makes
                                                                       up for their lack of historical details in the
                                                                       the hopes that unsuspecting types will
                                                                       overlook this “small” detail. See The
                                                                       Conclusion section of the post
                                                                       WHAT..UNDERSTANDING..-..ADDENDUM in
                                                                       addition to the Here are the Background
                                                                       Details section of ORIGINS 2-FACED IDs
                                                                       post for additional discussion on the
                                                                       subject of attempting to purchase
                                                                       legitimacy by "Free Loader" types while
                                                                       financially "imprisoning" the individual
                                                                       whose ID is being ravished.
 - (Addendum to) CL                                    Under the practice of “Checkbook
                                                                       Legitimacy”, what does take place on
                                                                       critical situations when “desperados” are in
                                                                       dire search for an avenue to demonstrate
                                                                       “fleeting legitimacy” especially for a critical
                                                                       purchase, in their “closed” “whatever
                                                                       works” mentalitywhatever methods is
                                                                       used to pay for your purchased will be
                                                                       pulled and replaced by a personal check by
                                                                       a representative of the “free loader’s cause”
                                                                       in the identity of some individual who can
                                                                       “justify” paying for the purchase, in turn
                                                                        your payment methodology will be cashed
                                                                        and placed in the “fictional” checking
                                                                        account of the “free loader’s cause” type
                                                                        and that check will be allowed to go
                                                                        through the 21st century banking system as
                                                                        being the lone “credible”payment method
                                                                        for the service thereby providing such
                                                                        useless, skill less (unless illegal activity is
                                                                        involved such as accident staging) and
                                                                        “faceless” types with the “fleeting
                                                                        legitimacy” being sought, for another day
                                                                        until the next scam is attempted. See the
                                                                        below included photos for examples of this
                                                                        activity recently involving my son Dejon's
                                                                        vehicle shown in comment # 3 from
                                                                        11/24/2012 from SociAllMedia Issues
                                                                        COMMENTS 1 Page.




Bystanderism                                                 This term as described in The Conclusion
(or free loaderism)                                         of my Accomplishments and
                                                                         Qualifications section of the post  
                                                                         THE...OF...INITIAL..SITE - UPDATED, as
                                                                         one of the social outcomes of the free
                                                                         loaders cause is really the avoidance of
                                                                         becoming involved on the part of
                                                                         impostors, to avoid detection.
 Chisholm Family Inclusive                           This term was adopted due to the
                                                                         prominence of the late Representative of
                                                                         Brooklyn, NY's then 12th district and the
                                                                         unique mix of various Caribbean
                                                                         heritages that comprise her family tree. 
                                                                        They include the St.Hills of Guyana and the
                                                                        Seales from Christ Church, Barbados,
                                                                        which does NOT include either Brazants'
                                                                        or Sobers' in that ancestry. See the post

(His) Connection                                         When used in association with my
                                                                       sibling, one estranged Brother in Barbados,
                                                                       it refers to the paths that likely led to  his
                                                                       becoming the "free loader sympathizer" 
                                                                       (explained below), I believe he became and
                                                                       his subsequent actions.
                                                                       In the case of my Brother, his likely
                                                                       connection is discussed in the post
Destruction                                                 Destruction can be achieved via more than
                                                                      one method, for example, if attempts are
                                                                      made to destroy the reputation of  an
                                                                      individual repeatedly via the intentional
                                                                      release of false information, (even unknown
                                                                      to the individual by expedient types) in order
                                                                      to deny that individual his rights and by so
                                                                      doing attempt to cover up a host of
                                                                      atrocities, then destruction can be achieved
                                                                      if successful by using an alternate method
                                                                      (character assassination to achieve financial
                                                                      imprisonment) and in effect, continue a form
                                                                      of denial of rights by subtle methods while
                                                                      attempting to convey outwardly that such
                                                                      types are interested in doing what's "right"
                                                                      when their "track records" SHOW the
                                                                      opposite is really the case and the typical
                                                                      destructive tactics such types are known
                                                                      for just have not worked, in this case. See
                                                                      the Here...Backg'nd Details section...the
                                                                    HOW TO' ID'...WHO C'TRL "FREE LOAD'RS.

Distressed Methods or                                 This term describes using whatever
Distressed Conditions (Entity) or                necessary to bring about financial ruin in
Distressed Techniques                                 the life of an individual or case of a
                                                                        business to ensure that an interest in
                                                                        desired target can be obtained. These
                                                                        methods can range from the simple
                                                                        cutting off operating funds in the life of an
                                                                        individual to the squeezing off of operating
                                                                        capital of a business target to large scale
                                                                        financial disasters in, which many targets
                                                                        are affected for "one" seemingly always
                                                                        with access to finances to obtain an
                                                                        interest in a prized desired objective. See
                                                                        the posts 
                                                                        ETH'CAL TRTMNT OF OTHERS PRC'TICED 
                                                                        as well as
                                                                        DISTR'SSED CONDT AL'WD OCCUR
                                                                        in addition to
                                                                        OR'GINS "V'RTAL" 2-FACE IDS.

Fair (or just) and Fairness                           Involves the quality of perfection, which
                                                                       only ONE possesses and as a result,
                                                                       dependence on God is needed to provide
                                                                       us with the only avenue available to
                                                                       providing us with the balance needed to
                                                                       demonstrate anything closely resembling
                                                                       these qualities that involve respect for
                                                                       others, and as a prerequisite, honoring God
                                                                       because only He is fair (or just) & without
                                                                       depending on Him it's impossible for us to
                                                                       demonstrate the qualities, which are
                                                                       representative of being fair (due to our
                                                                       natures that are marred by sin), such
                                                                       as: impartiality, honesty, the ability to apply
                                                                       anything completely free from self interest,
                                                                       and not showing favoritism, which are
                                                                       reflective of respect for others. (See the
                                                                       WHAT DOES IT...MEAN TO BE FAIR?)

Free Loaders or                                            Describes individuals without history,
Two Faces or                                                 of questionable origins installed in
Free Loading or                                             positions of prominence without
Corporate Free Loading or                          appropriate accompanying qualifications to
Shadowy Free Loader                                   support their appointments, which can be
                                                                        verified. Examples include CEOs, Board of
                                                                        Directors appointments, School
                                                                        Professorships etc. These individuals are
                                                                        then forced to obtain their qualifications
                                                                        from others who are victimized for the
                                                                        cause of man's oldest profession that such
                                                                        types engage in as a means of earning
                                                                        easy income for the "Shadowy Monster"
                                                                        who engage and/or install such individuals
                                                                        (who don't have to be reimbursed because
                                                                        they are not typically in the U.S. legally),
                                                                        hence their search for individuals from
                                                                        whom the needed qualifications can be
                                                                        "borrowed" to prop up these skill less,
                                                                        useless and shameless types willing to do
                                                                        anything and contributing very, very little
                                                                        to society in exchange for the sacrifices
                                                                        made by others in their game of easily
                                                                        obtained qualifications, accomplishments,
                                                                        histories and identities.
                                                                        See the posts WHO..GRANTED..SPEECH?
                                                                        & HOW..FERPA..COMPLY..INTENT ..LAW.
                                                                        These individuals are also referred to as
                                                                        "two face" types, because the public
                                                                        identities, which they are known by are
                                                                        NOT used in private and in financial and all
                                                                        matters relating to "legitimacy", for lack of
                                                                        history and/or verifiable origin. 
Free Loader's Cause                                     This term is all inclusive, as it refers to
                                                                         "free loaders", "free loader-related" and
                                                                         "free loader sympathizer".

Free Loader-Related                                      This term simply refers to the offspring of
                                                                         an individual who has a free loader type
                                                                         individual either as a parent or in their 

Free Loader-Related Plant or                        This refers to an individual, of the "free
Free Loader Plant                                            loader's Cause", specifically and
                                                                          strategically placed in the life of an
                                                                          individual, who life is being "shadowed"
                                                                          and monitored by those of the "free
                                                                          loader's cause" while on the specific
                                                                          journey of importance (in the former
                                                                          empire's secret cash cow colony),
                                                                          unknown to all but those of its cause and
                                                                          used to obtain historical reference point
                                                                          and legitimacy, because the individual
                                                                          being used in this fashion, origins' are
                                                                          typically questionable and in need of
                                                                          legitimacy (such as a "free loader" father.
                                                                          or mother). Once the "credibility"
                                                                          sought is obtained, such an individual
                                                                          will obtain historical
                                                                          legitimacy herself/family member and
                                                                          for one of their cause at the expense
                                                                          of the person from whom, "fleeting
                                                                          credibility" is sought and obtained.
                                                                          Once this is obtained, this "plant" will                                                                           lie on the individual in whose life they
                                                                          were planted, because their entire
                                                                          purpose and "legitimacynecessitates
                                                                          such for those of "free loaders cause".
                                                                          Such types are at home typically in
                                                                          the "cloak and dagger" efforts being
                                                                          employed and the eventual replacement of
                                                                          the originals in the cash cow land as
                                                                          the former empire desires replacements
                                                                          willing to do "whatever works" in their
                                                                          new found easily obtained "credibility" to
                                                                          repay their indebtedness. What a
                                                                          diabolical, conniving/scheming and
                                                                          destructive "friendly" nation this ally is,
                                                                          giving new meaning to the phrase, "with
                                                                          friends like this, you don't need
                                                                          enemies"'. See comment # 1 from 6/3/2013
                                                                          on the COMMENTS 2013 Page. IN MY
                                                                          CASE ALL  PLACED IN MY PATH WERE
                                                                          "EITHER PLANTS OR WERE
                                                                          CONNECTED TO SUCH." However, see
                                                                          the * FOOTNOTE included in comment # 1
                                                                          from 6/23/2013 from the COMMENTS 2013

Free Loader Sympathizer                              This is a term used to describe those who
                                                                         were paid by this entity to carry out their
                                                                         activities in support of the cause, and
                                                                         most likely would not be frauds
                                                                         Themselves but those whose support
                                                                         would have been  crucial for performing
                                                                         some required feat in support of the "free
                                                                         loader's cause". Such types are more
                                                                         likely to be female but can be male with
                                                                         who may have experienced financial
                                                                         difficulty and found themselves in need of
                                                                         funds, making likely targets of this
                                                                         well-connected group.

His Chosen                                                      Most claiming the heritage of the 3rd tribe
                                                                          are forgetting one major fact, namely that
                                                                          BEING PART OF GOD'S CHOSEN
                                                                          SERVANTS COME WITH VERY SERIOUS
                                                                          RESPONSIBILITY, SO MUCH SO THAT
                                                                          THE FIRSTBORN MALE FROM EACH
                                                                          TRIBE WERE PASSED OVER, BECAUSE
                                                                           HE LOOKING AT FUTURE EVENTS SAW
                                                                          THAT THESE WOULD NOT BE THE TYPES
                                                                          TO REPRESENT HIM AS HE DESIRED
                                                                          AND SINCE HE DOES NOT CHANGE AND
                                                                          ALL THOSE SO CLAIMING HAVE TO BE
                                                                          REPRESENTATIVE OF HIM
                                                                          PERSONALLY, WHICH HAS NOTHING TO
                                                                         DO WITH ANY NATION REGARDLESS OF
                                                                         ITS NAME (as documented in the To
                                                                          Digress section of the post
                                                                          ..PR'MSE..."FL'WD" LEG'SLTON - U'DTD).
                                                                          Therefore, none claiming to be so linked
                                                                          can seriously do so without the personal
                                                                          relationship of what such representation
                                                                          mean and it's because of this
                                                                          representation that the term, "NONE CAN
                                                                          IMPEDE HIS WILL FOR HIS CHOSEN",
 Holding Address                                           This term as used on the Pages of this
                                                                         Blog implies for tax purposes that my old
                                                                         Office has been disassembled as
                                                                         maintained by me prior to the Brazant
                                                                         divorce (CDDM #0001638), and I only
                                                                         use a small portion of this former address
                                                                         (not as an office area), but more as a type
                                                                         of storage/living area while awaiting
                                                                         resources to permit relocation as
                                                                         described on this Blog. See item # 14 in 
                                                                         "FREE L'DRS" &..."CRED'BLTY" - UPD'T  

Honorably (or acting Honorably)                  As implied on the pages of this Blog
                                                                         involves showing continuous love for God
                                                                         (as called for in nos. 1-3 of His
                                                                         Commandments), and in turn
                                                                         demonstrating respect for others at all
                                                                         times (as called for in nos. 4 - 10 of His

Identity Crutches or                                 This is the preferred method of “free
Identity crutch sham                                      loader” (or ”two faced as well as “virtual
                                                                         identity”) types for attempting to
                                                                         demonstrate “credibility”. This activity
                                                                         involves the use of anything “currently”
                                                                         tangible to show some form of legitimacy
                                                                         for the use and ownership of the identities
                                                                         that such types are using at the expense of
                                                                         the legitimate owners and relies on: a)
                                                                         perjured witnesses from the past of the
                                                                         individual whose ID is being stolen who is
                                                                         willing to sell out the individual for a price,
                                                                         b) businesses willing (for a price of 
                                                                         course) to attest to the fact that such types
                                                                         have been long-standing customers of
                                                                         theirs in their borrowed identities (even
                                                                         though the establishments being used by
                                                                         these “free loaders” in their borrowed
                                                                         identities, don’t actually see these "long
                                                                         standing" customers as all transactions
                                                                         are handled by phone order and delivery
                                                                         and mailed in payments), c) court actions
                                                                         that establishes such types involvement in
                                                                         “legal” matters successfully in these
                                                                         identities, and of course they are all class
                                                                         action suits, where personal involvement
                                                                         is not needed, just the name among a large
                                                                         group of other most likely other “free
                                                                         loaders” but importantly the much prized
                                                                         settlements in the name of the individual
                                                                         to be deposited in their phony accounts to
                                                                         enable them to continue their “checkbook
                                                                         legitimacy” practices with legal”
                                                                         sanctioning, d) their reliance on labels
                                                                         and numbers for “credibility”, how else
                                                                         would anyone know that such are actually
                                                                         the individuals using another’s identity in
                                                                         the first place that is why the individual’s
                                                                         identity that is being ravished, is
                                                                         inundated with the labels and numbers
                                                                         associated with these “free loaders” in
                                                                         search of easy “credibility” and e)
                                                                         purchasing identity type product of any
                                                                         type with their ready availability to cash
                                                                         and riding on the back of others in
                                                                         every transaction undertaken to show
                                                                         fleeting "legitimacy" through purchases
                                                                         in borrowed identities "today" to
                                                                         attempt to hijack the history of the
                                                                         individual(s) being replaced (for ex
                                                                         life insurances policies, etc are a
                                                                         quick way of identity absconding through
                                                                         business/individuals willing to
                                                                         sell anything to anyone to gain sales).
                                                                         The below posts document examples
                                                                         of the types discussed here:
                                                                          SGN'CE LABELS..NOS...“VIRTUA'L” S'CETY
                                                                          LES'ONS L'RNED..R'CNT..FIN'NCAL C'ISIS
                                                                          EX'MPLE..HIRING...PURP'SE..ID 'RANSFER
                                                                          and IDENTITY CRUTCHES. 


Israel                                                             This is another description for His chosen
                                                                       described above, and when used on the
                                                                       Pages of this Blog implies such, which is
                                                                       consistent with its original meaning as
                                                                       described by the Prophet Isaiah in 6: 5-9,
                                                                       which refers to God's chosen people and
                                                                       NOT to any physical location, which is only
                                                                       incidental to the description.

Misguided Development or                          Other terms used to collectively refer to
Shadowy Consuming Force or                    this group, that carries the same meaning
Shadowy Virtual Society or                          as the "free loader's cause" above to
Uncontrollable Monster                                highlight how destructive it acts or reacts. 

ONE                                                            As used on the Pages of these Blogs and
                                                                        consistent with the undistorted Biblical
                                                                        meaning implies God in His uniqueness as
                                                                        always having been in existence, who by
                                                                        His understanding established the heavens
                                                                        and is our Creator. Furthermore, He is the
                                                                        only ONE worthy of being glorified and is
                                                                        also the only one who knows the future.
                                                                        These details have to be balanced with the
                                                                        discussion contained in the Google +
                                                                        Page "What's  the Truth Versus
                                                                        Fabrication About God" on the subject of
                                                                        the Biblical Signif...ce of ...Number Four
                                                                        in the "To Digress" discussion in the
                                                                        THIRD description example used that
                                                                        focuses on the significance of the
                                                                        names One (who was created to be the
                                                                        female representation of God), and is 
                                                                        referred to as Lord when accompanying
                                                                        God with those whom they both had a
                                                                        familiar relationship and the greetings
                                                                        both Lord God are used, such as by
                                                                        Abram in the Biblical book of Genesis
                                                                        chapter 15 verses 1 & 2.
      Origin Issues                                            This term or some form of it such as
                                                                        "without origins", or "who can't explain
                                                                        origins", refers to the main aspect shared
                                                                        by all those of the "free loaders cause"
                                                                        who typically can't legitimately show how
                                                                        their entry into this Country occurred. This
                                                                        problem faced by all "free loaders"* (see
                                                                        footnote), is "circumvented" under the 
                                                                        guise of having been "legally" provided
                                                                        with 1st Amendment Free Speech rights by
                                                                        de facto action of being a part of a
                                                                        corporation "who" "gained" such rights by
                                                                        the Courts, when this is far from the case
                                                                        as the Courts have NOT made any such
                                                                        determination in such situations via,
                                                                        which the information obtained is known to
                                                                        be stolen from others (as is the case
                                                                        here). However, this problem is also
                                                                        circumvented by "claiming" to be originals,
                                                                        who are willing to pay handsomely for
                                                                        such, to justify their presence, while having
                                                                        "two faces" (described above) in my
                                                                        opinion. Their "legitimacy" will always
                                                                        be at the expense of those from whom
                                                                        such are 
                                                                        See the post
                                                                        AMENDMENT TO..QUESTION...PREMISE
                                                                        as well as the updated excerpt from
                                                                        7/1/2013 in the post
                                                                        in addition to
                                                                        WHEN S'RFCNG...BY DECREE - U'PTED
                                                                        and WH'T STOPPED...CH'MPON...UPD'TD 
                                                                        for data supporting the above details. IN
                                                                        MY OPINION, THE RULING OF THE
                                                                        COURTS SHOULD BE CLARIFIED TO
                                                                        DESCRIBE WHAT IS CONSIDERED A  
                                                                        CORPORATION FOR THE PURPOSES 
                                                                        OF THE RULING TO PREVENT MISINTER- 
                                                                        PRETATION AND/OR ABUSE.
 Society                                                          This word as used on the pages of these
                                                                       Blogs that represented "virtual society"
                                                                       is an all inclusive type word used
                                                                       chronologically to refer to both "free
                                                                       loaders" and "free loader-related" types
                                                                       collectively in the early review of this
                                                                       subject. (See the post
                                                                       A-TO-Z EXPOSE OF V'RTUL SOC'ETY..........        
Solid Foundations                                      This term when used on the Pages of these
                                                                      Blogs refer to my history, identity,
                                                                      qualifications and accomplishments as
                                                                      described in the Here are the Facts section
                                                                      of the post
                                                                      HOW.. V...E FERPA &...C'MPLY W...LAW.
Whatever Works                                         This term refers to the "motto" of "Free
                                                                      Loader" types, and implies that they will do
                                                                     whatever is needed to ensure that 
                                                                     "success" from their point-of-view is
                                                                     attained, as documented in the post 
                                                                     CRIMES OF...TYPES..COVERED-UP.



 * Footnote:
It must be noted that while this description was developed to attempt to address all different scenarios, it mainly depicts those "free loaders" who are associated with the corporate type that the more current problem is associated with. It does NOT address the circumstances associated with the 1970's/'80's Farm Crisis "free loaders" mention briefly on the Pages of this Blog, even though ALL "free loaders" are affected by the same issues associated with origins as described here. Therefore, while their specific entry (origins in the U.S.) may differ somewhat from what is described here, the fact remains that NONE of those of the "free loaders cause" can legally demonstrate how their origins in this Country came about (without relying on the borrowed history, identities, etc., of others and more importantly THEY DON'T PAY ANY TAXES IN THEIR OWN IDENTITIES), as documented in the post THE METHODS OF "FREE LOADERS" - UPDATED                                      

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