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This is a discussion about overcoming beliefs, formed and developed because of the existence of a vacuum around certain events, please follow, which is updated to add a Footnote.

Growing up with the idea developed that you weren't wanted by a parent is a difficult picture with, which to be confronted,
and when formed in the life of a developing mind, can often lead to becoming dimmed and daunted.
Then instead of a bright and cherry disposition,
this can lead to the building up of bitterness and the walls of a partition.
However, when finally confronted with an account, which challenges the belief formed that this was not a deliberate path that was chosen,
by one who simply wanted to leave the journey he traveled a better place for those who weren't embolden.
but one determined by an ex who chose to be silent as the best way to handle division with a former, who definitely wasn't connected to "Chong Hoben" or even Beethoven,
and who didn't want to appear to be one to "stoop" to providing him with such
knowledge that could appear to be a means of closing a divide in a outlook that once appeared all golden.
Even though many a discussion most likely took place within this chant,
"Mar... the True Believer" would have firmly objected to any input from one she fondly referred to as " Aunt".
With this backdrop, its the sincere hope that the "optimistic" disposition of that "True Believer",
can find its way into the life of one to bring reconciliation and healing from this Appealer* Footnote.
where uncertainty and despair could have found a home in the life of one who simply had no picture and didn’t know what was the case about one who for all she knew, didn’t care enough to a “healer"!

* Footnote:
To find avenues to assist one who was inadvertently overlooked, ways in, which her three siblings could be helped were considered. As a result, the possibilities considered and made available include to the first, the potential to become a product designer as defined by the TECHNICAL COORDINATOR - INVESTMENTS PRODUCTS position, to the second the possibility to become a skilled analyst as defined in the role of PRODUCT TESTER/COORDINATOR and the third, the possibility to become a communications operator as defined by the role COMMUNICATIONS CONSULTANT. Each of these positions are unique to the individuals and can be either pursued and success gained by each of the siblings depending on their abilities and interest in achieving possibilities given a “starting block” from where each can use to make their mark and go on from strength to strength from the point of origin each will be provided with. In this way each is being given an opportunity to see what potential each one is able to achieve that can then be used to demonstrate in a meaningful manner to the one who was overlooked that they are able to make her proud to be the Mother of talented, skilled ladies who can achieve worthwhile goals when given the right type of opportunity and who are thankful to her for the adversities she overcame to bring them to the point to turn her sacrifice into notable achievement.  
James F. Brazant

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When we are young and full of glee,
we tend not to stop and think how our actions can be “orneree”,
and in turn superficiality is the path we follow instead of thinking humbly,
leads us to attempt various stunts through frivolity,
then “‘xpensive” pranks can “‘velop” nastily,
to “‘mbarrass” another who wasn’t even planning anything hastily.
Never stopping to think how such can boomerang without a plea.
In years to come when time reveals all that can be,
and we realize what could have been,
but slipped by like a pea;
and regrets don’t console our mangled feelings;
however, the realization that no grudge has been brought to bear can assist,
even though opportunity for such could have been done in fear to persist.
These have all been swept aside like peelings,
to choose instead to fondly remember encouraging one who once showed determined promise,
who when admonished stepped aside and was gracious,
in offering thanks for helping direct to more wholesome goals without being pious!

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Many individuals when faced with tough circumstances unfortunately make
regrettable decisions, and this has taken place throughout the centuries and carried out by many who find themselves at forks in their lives. Some of these decisions lead to sometimes lasting circumstances that are very difficult to unravel if near impossible. This post is about two such examples and the consequences that both decisions made by two mothers that were made centuries ago, which still exist today either completely or partially because of the actions of the mothers involved. Please follow.

Here are the Details of Importance:   
The first example is found in found the first few chapters of the Biblical book of 1st
Samuel, which centers on the account of Hannah, one of the wives of Elkanah, who was barren (or had no children) and prayed earnestly for God to remember her condition that included a vow to devote the life of such a child to the service of God if she was so blessed. This account goes on to point out that this lady of distinction was indeed blessed with a son and as promised, she took him, a very young Samuel to the temple to be used in His service at a very tender age. It is because of her unselfish action that Israel had a very upright high priest in Samuel who served at a critical juncture in the history of the Israel before they (the people of Israel chose to follow the lead of other Nations and requested that they be provided with Kings to serve as God’s representatives instead of judges as had been the practice, up to that point in time. Samuel did indeed serve the cause of God in a very notable and outstanding way because of the humble actions of Hannah and she indeed blessed with other offspring because of her unselfishness when it mattered most. This account serves to point out how we sometimes take matters into our own hands and seek out what’s best often not choosing to seek out why God permitted the circumstances we are faced with but attempting to bring about what we think is best for our situation to very devastating outcomes, as the decision by Israel to request to be served by kings instead of Judges as had been God’s plan for them. They did not seek his direction in their decision-making and/or attempt to find out why He had permitted them to be faced with corrupt Judges, but instead plunged headlong into an irreversible path that eventually led to their destruction as a Nation led by God and being scattered as a result, as exist today.
The second example is found in the collection of works known as the called “New Testament” when collectively included with the Biblical Book Revelation, in three of those Books, with the account in Luke being the most popular. In chapter 1, in this account the experience of Mary is described. Her example is notable because of the terrible consequences her actions led to that still are in existence toady in one form or another. In her day, this lady was well known as a practitioner of man’s oldest profession and to cover the consequences of her actions, a well concocted tale was implemented due to the condition in, which she found herself, namely, pregnant and unmarried, and so the miracle birth story was floated and it took root and the result is what is in existence today, which has been recreated and manipulated by many other practitioners over the centuries who know better that have made a mockery of the cause of the most High. Modern day organized religious causes are nothing more than a “heavenly halo” draped around the age-old practice of man’s oldest profession to provide it with the outward semblance of something worthwhile when in reality anything such is far from the truth. 

The Outcome of these Circumstances:
More recently other Practitioners picked up this bad practice that was ushered in by
those who knew better and have attempted to institute this terrible example around this servant’s journey in this “Land of the free and Home of the Brave” along with my identity into a continent-spawning “innovative” enterprise in the “furtherance” of this destructive lifestyle by other Practitioners, (namely businesses) that are now sponsoring this “cash cow” method that had been documented in various posts on the Pages of this Blog in posts such as HOW TO VIOLATE FERPA AND STILL COMPLY WITH THE INTENT OF THE LAW - EDITED/UPDATED AND AMENDED in addition to WHO REALLY WAS GRANTED THE FREEDOM TO SPEAK - UPDATED AND AMENDED? as well as THE CHANGES THAT FOILED THE “BLACKOUT’ - UPDATED AND AMENDED. Never mind that they (these Practitioners) have been using a flawed example in principle, because the bad example has become so mired in the biggest shopping period of the calendar year that it no longer really matters what’s accurate or inaccurate, because it’s being driven comparatively to a “runaway” locomotive completely “out-of-control” by the commerce it derives for many who have come to rely on in it to turn their struggling businesses into the
“black” (or profitability for the entire year), based on today’s “business” model.
The Conclusion:
Over the years many have found themselves in similar circumstances and have made equally terrible decisions that can be compared to Mary’s or to the more wholesome actions of the selfless Hannah and while none of us are in positions to judge others; some if they had the opportunity to relive their experiences would choose to make better rather than the expedient decisions they chose. However, it’s never too late to act honorably when we are in positions to assist others, even though it might be initially painful, one can never tell how by acting in a sound manner some individual who could use some uplifting, might be assisted, especially when we are able to do so while remembering that one of the best ways (or avenues) via, which we can act
honorably in the cause of God is to do what’s right when it’s unpopular to do so.
These examples referenced by these two very different ladies under different
circumstances can provide the basis for some who might be searching for the most appropriate manner to broach a long-held fact that may have been withheld at some other time when fear an panic may have lead to another decision being made. Time has a way of working out most difficult circumstances, however they do start with an acknowledgement of some wrong or action committed that would serve the purpose of lifting up one deserving individual who would benefit from such an unselfish action as Hannah’s action ultimately did for all Israel at a most critical point in its history. In the case of Mary, even though her actions were less than exemplary, she ultimately found the strength to seek a turn-around from the ONLY ONE who is able to implement turn-arounds, further showing that it is never too late for any who sees their situation as hopelessly lost and beyond repair, because with God's assistance we (His chosen) will be able to implement life-changing actions when His assistance is sought, all we have to do is ask and will always make a way to provide us with exactly what is needed to meet the challenge before us, as my wise late Mother reminded me in her timely communication, just ask Him will hear you (as depicted in

the photo of the letter from my Late Mother, below).
To digress at the End of this Conclusion
Let me take he time to apologize for not communicating with my dear childhood friend Olivia, who I assumed may have been impacted as all my other acquaintances were in one manner or another (whom I communicated with) and if she was not, my tardiness in not communicating may have saved her life. In any event, it’s never too late to act honorably to another and to Olivia, let me simply apologize for my actions.


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This experience, which is the subject of this post has never happened to me in all the
years that I have spent in this Country of my long-time residence that is why it is being given such “distinction”. Namely an entire Blog post devoted to the events associated with it. At this point it must be emphasized that even though it bears some similarity to events associated with my encounter at the then Community National Bank in VT, in the summer of 1990, (as documented in the paragraph beginning with "The scenario involved a then... " in the post IDENTITY SWITCHING OVER THE YEARS COMPACTED FOR THE RECORD),  the actual underlying details are completely different, which is perfect opportunity to point out that there are always two sides to any situation and any entity serving the public should always be careful to thoroughly evaluate ALL the facts before reaching any premature conclusions because the decisions made by those representing the enterprise could well open the business complex legal actions that could be devastating to their ability to conduct business as usual. The developments that are the subject of this post occurred between November 6, 2014 and culminated on November 15, 2014. Please follow to determine the facts, which the representatives of the enterprise involved FAILED to obtain before the very FLAWED decision at, which they arrived was reached and implemented before conducting any type of fact-finding.

Here is the Set-up of the Events in Question:
On the early evening of November 6, 2014 I took the opportunity to visit the
establishment known as Stuff, which is located at 252 Blairs Ferry Road NE, Suite B, Cedar Rapids around sunset, (which was approximately between 5:15 pm and 5:30pm). One worker, (whose name I did not know at the time), was working at one of the floor stations and as I sometimes do on occasion, the opportunity was taken to introduce myself and businesses being contemplated and in the conceptual stages as indicated on the Pages of the applicable Blogs, Cosvry Investments and ClCh’s Bakery and even encouraged her to check out the details on my Blog Pages and gave her the associated details on a sheet of paper that she supplied to me. My aim at the time was to determine if she would open to working in such establishments when they were ready to be implemented and moved from the conceptual stage. This encounter took about 1 minute at most and then I left the worker after passing by her station again to point out that, I would most likely be following-up with her later that week and asked if she was working, and she replied in the affirmative (at this point she was attending to the needs of another customer and I asked the question about her work schedule for later in the week in passing, in order to avoid disrupting her from her duties). At this time, I indicated that I would be back later most likely on

Saturday to provide her with further details and left.
Since I was in the area again on the evening of November 7, 2014 around 6:00 pm I
decided to stop in and provide the worker with the follow-up details promised. However, instead of parking in the front of the building as I usually do, I decided to make my way to the back to park. On approaching the rear, there was a dark colored (either dark blue or black) sporty type shaped vehicle (with unusual pattern halogen headlights), with a driver in the vehicle and an individual (female, dressed in a (Stuff’s) worker’s attire, whose identity I could not determine from the location of my vehicle’s position, scurrying back into the building), and as my vehicle approached the parking area closer to that area where individual in the vehicle was sitting in the idling car he pulled off and left). After parking I entered the vehicle and could not locate the worker whom I had encountered the previous evening even though I stayed there for approximately 1 hour and left after examining the floor area to determine if there were any specific items on, which savings could be gained via purchasing as I do on occasion when such merchandise is available for purchase as I am a customer who have found very useful items there on occasion as the below photo excerpts of the included receipts indicate.

Preview  Preview

Preview   Preview 


My next occasion to visit this establishment was on the evening of November 15, 2014 around 5:45 pm, it was snowing and the worker was in place this time at the check-out register and after selecting 1 roll of tape to purchase since the type of tape I was looking for was unavailable, I made my way to the register. Upon reaching the register, the photo included below indicates I greeted the worker whose name I still did not know and I stated as much in pointing out that I had visited the next night rather than on the 8th as indicated and had I known her name I would have left a message for her.  Anyway, I proceeded to point out additional details to this worker whose responses were now very curt and insincere as opposed to her manner on the first night when I encountered her. Before, I was able to relay any great deal of information to the worker now known as Elizabeth (from the receipt included below), an entourage approached me and inquired if I was finished with my purchase and I replied affirmatively and attempted to continue my conversation with the insincere worker but was again interrupted my the leader of this entourage who indicated that the register was being shut down and proceeded to relay to me that Manager was asking me to LEAVE their establishment to “avoid anyone feeling uncomfortable”.


The Outcome:
None of my actions described included anything that would have cause anyone to
“feel uncomfortable” and if Elizabeth did not want to hear any additional details about my proposed businesses all she had to do was to say I am not interested and I would not have spent any additional time in this regard. On the contrary, she wanted me to convey information, in my opinion to prove some point she was desirous of conveying “for the cameras” (or for some larger ulterior motive). After having given additional thought to these developments that at their core, make no sense, I have concluded that the vehicle incident on the previous week involved this worker and the individual who was observed scurrying into the establishment in the worker’s attire was one and the same Elizabeth, (in my opinion attempting to get away from the individual in the idling vehicle). All I can state for certain, is that on entering the establishment and making a sweep of the visible premises, she was nowhere to be
I can only conclude that some development must have taken place afterwards
involving this worker and in her attempt to get herself out of a very uncompromising situation I was used as a “scapegoat” for those involved in the Establishment to risk placing themselves in the very unwarranted position of VIOLATING MY CIVIL RIGHTS and not even affording me the opportunity to address the “wrong”, I am supposed to have committed. Simply providing detailed information to an individual who wanted such, (but only for her own self interest), not even taking the time to consider the very sensitive situation she was placing her Employer in by their action in violating my civil rights in public accommodation, granted though my purchase at that time was completed, demonstrates the type of individual this worker is.

The Conclusion and Future Outlook:
Until the evening of 11/15/2014, I had considered this establishment to be a very well
run operation, however with the events that have taken place that conclusion has been changed and I now have no plans to ever visit, make or recommend that anyone conduct business at an establishment that does NOT openly consider the rights of its customers in arriving at its very questionable decision-making. I had been considering purchasing some furnishings from that location in the near future as I am awaiting my relocating plans to be completed but that has all been erased by the actions of a very insincere female worker, who may have manipulated her Employer into violating my civil rights in order to avoid taking responsibility for some other action(s) she may have carried out either in panic or acting out of fear and chose to implicate me (an innocent but convenient bystander).

A properly implemented root cause evaluation of the type that can be provided by me as depicted in the Conclusion section of the post THE ONE THAT WAS OVERLOOKED,OR WAS IT - EDITED AND UPDATED would have:

  1. gotten to the core of the details first,
  2. avoided violating the civil rights of any individual including those of the insincere worker,
  3. prevented the establishment from placing their operation in a position to be at the center of a civil rights in public accommodation scenario,
  4. led to the worker “fessing” up and seeking assistance if involved in any type of “personal” arrangement where she felt really threatened by any thuggish type individual driving a vehicle with “loud” halogen headlights and the matter would have been all kept internal and
  5. avoided any potential fallout from negative public reaction to sensitive events of such a nature.
It is when we take the rights of selected individuals in our society for granted that such developments take place. None involved stopped for a second and considered what if I am accusing an individual unfairly but thought it inconsequential whether I was receiving “proper" treatment in their rush to judge without facts basing their decision squarely on what I appeared to be whether or not, their conclusions were accurate, while giving scant regard to whether or not any action in their part was being properly implemented. The one at the center who was (in my opinion manipulating all to get out of her “messy” predicament, was carrying out her manipulative scheme at my expense and not for one minute considered that she who was acting "for the cameras" and making a mockery out of those whom she could convince to achieve her objective at my expense. The lesson leaned from the Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly should be borne in mind that (depicted below), things are

The picturesque Tiger swallowtail butterfly shownon a mission to the prizedpollenis taking the alternate path to get to its objective by slowly making the way up the lily to the flower in its sights. In addition, this species is unique in that all the males only have these brightly colored appearances, while only some of the females are so colorfully adorned. They (the females) tend to be darker, mostly black with spots of blue, orange and yellow along the edges of the wings due to the subtle evolution of this variety to adapt to their environment surroundings as a form of protection similar to the manner in, which most of God’s creation have from man down to even butterflies. The dark form of the tiger, for example is similar to the pipevine swallowtail, which creates a chemical in its body that's distasteful to birds. In addition, eggs of the tiger and several other swallowtails look like birds droppings. Furthermore, after awhile, the eggs turn green to blend with the leaves that the larvae will feed on. These larvae then curl the leaves over themselves with silk, and develop large fake eyespots that make them look like small snakes.

Free loaders cause" with their borrowed lineages pretend to be anything that can give them the desired "credibility" they "A-L-L" lack due to origin issues. This is as true for those latest of comers, the more "refined" types of the "free loaders" discussed in detail on the pages of this Blog as it is for other types who came during the farm crisis of the late 70's and early 80's from eastern European countries. THEY ALL HAVE "ORIGIN ISSUES".
never always what they appear to be and many plunge headlong into long-term “business” arrangements without thought or consideration for whether what is being undertaken in indeed viable or worthwhile but mistakenly concluding that some action can be undertaken along the way to clean up mangled scenarios of their own creation at the expense of others who are made to pay a very high price for bad decisions some “entitled” types who possess the “networking” ability to override any process that establishes order for anything or anyone not to their liking in order to achieve their desired outcomes. Whether government agencies or institutions of higher learning (some of, which are filled with “free loaders” at the highest levels who give little thought to how much they are trivializing the reputations of such establishments but only relish in their ability to attract donations and contributions from any regardless of the price in lives, and similar "mundane" qualities), such types have long forgotten about doing what’s right even when unpopular and many follow the examples set by these "leaders" to obtain favors and an easy lifestyle. It is because such societal values such as these as documented in the post HONORING GOD AND RESPECTING OTHERS, PRACTICALLY - UPDATED are given little or no consideration that workers feel no qualms about violating the rights of an individual solely on word of an individual with questionable motivations and possessing no factual evidence but based solely on what appears to be whether manipulated or otherwise (but accepted by our society generally as being so). It must be remembered that God permits all things in the lives of His chosen and typically to test us all in the areas where our greatest weaknesses lay, to weed out the few from among the many. That's why none really know how God will work in any given situation while bearing in mind that that His will for those of His choosing can’t be impeded by anyone regardless of their amassed resources “fictionally” or otherwise.

Resolution Terms:
The following conditions would be considered an adequate settlement from the owner interests within a near-term time-frame considering the gravity of the conditions that occurred:
  1. conducting root cause evaluation(s) at any of your business enterprises deemed appropriate to determine if the potential for similar developments exists within the establishments and implementing recommendations as appropriate as long as I am able to participate in the evaluation and appropriate terms can be agreed upon,
  2. these evaluations should include an assessment, which determines why the City’s policies do not obviously more vigorously cover such criteria, and if such conditions exists, as occurs with Building and Zoning Regulations loopholes that enables select types to circumvent cumbersome criteria such as described in the post  WHEN “CODIFIKAZIONS” AND “REGUGAZIONS” “RUN” FOR COVER!”; determine if the potential exists for businesses generally to circumvent adequately addressing the civil rights of individuals even those within their staff (for those types who would seek to violate such criteria), which I will be willing to conduct as Conservery’s Proprietor with appropriate terms,  
  3. publishing a letter publicly indicating that your establishments have, through self introspection examined your processes and have concluded that your practices do not allow for violating the civil (or other) rights of any customer/individual who uses your places of business, and whom you are proud to serve (after conducting an outside review and the results indicate this to be correct), and
  4. information to the effect that my activity as a customer of the establishment will be added to the pages of this Blog indicating that a settlement has been reached that will allow me to reverse my previously planned decision to curtail all business activity there.  


If on the other hand the above terms prove too challenging to implement, the following conditions would be considered a satisfactory alternative to achieving the desired outcome that would result in item #4 above being issued by me, appropriately, as follows:

  1. making the equivalent of a guaranteed $20,000,000.00 loan available to me at zero percent (0%) interest rate for the first 5 years. After 5 years the repayment period starts at an interest rate of 3% for another 5 years at, which time a balloon payment for the remainder of the loan comes due or the loan is refinanced and the Owner interest (who guaranteed the original loan) paid out,
  2. implementing ClCh’s Bakery first and then Cosvry Investments will be the purpose of the loan funds and no conditions on how the funds are to be used are to be made a part of the loan,
  3. following the above being worked out, publishing information to the effect that a settlement has been reached between the Owner interest and me should be completed. 

Sunday, October 12, 2014


If u start with a stolen State Tax refund Check,
See the post NOTICE OF STOLEN CHECK for additional details.

kidnapped into a “Country Store” cash register’s waiting deck,
The two Transactions representing the waiting Cash Register's Decks Via Which My Two Income Tax Refund Checks, Federal and State Were Cashed. For additional details regarding this activity specifically and filing taxes generally see the post RECORDS MANIPULATION TO SUPPORT ID FRAUD - UPDATED and ADDENDUM TO COINCIDENCES AND OTHER THINGS respectively. 

to ssist impostors with filing gitimate turns without a speck,

first, u have to dclare yourself an riginal* (see Footnote), by heck,

then ensure that maining photoless is the path u select,
and place dfault icons on the Sites of another by code that’s suspect.

J_F_Brazant the default icon that mysteriously appeared to
 that some other photo less individual made the comments.

Next, jam and steel the phone srvice of another by its neck,

For additional details about the jamming of my phone service see the item # 16 from the listing in the post THE "FREE LOADERS CAUSE" "CREDIBILITY", THEIR STORY IS NOW TOLD - UPDATED
and resort to name alteration* (see Footnote1) through ntworking that’s very direct.
When all these pieces are mplemented down to a peck,

seek an nsurance Provider willing to cover such without respect,

The above caption is highlighted below for better viewing:
None who “legitimacy” is based on the filing of fraudulent insurance claims can are be “agents” of “credibility”: from 1) those who pretended to be others (when the “destruction” to the shed shown in the below photo took place at 8263 140thAve., Olin, IA as end result of a so called “act of god”), in order to receive illicit payout funds, to 2) those entities (organizations) that supported such types as being the legitimate owners of a) the property and b) the authentic policyholders, including 3) the insurance Company that enabled the fraud to take place and now claim to be “on the side” of its policyholders “in the Nation” and 4) this “caper” could not be carried out without the input/involvement of those elected and appointed politico types who eventually devalued ALL the outbuildings on the property at 8263 140th Ave, Olin, IA to a value of “ZERO” consistent with the property assessment for 1999 after having received an assessment in all the prior years from 1991 up through 1998 when a $8,155.00 valuation was assessed (as shown in the below photo). This in my opinion was to cover-up the obvious fraud that had taken place by this“collection” of “free loader cause” types wanting much by doing very, very little that’s meaningful and then allowed a brand new shed to be erected on the nearby property where NONE of its type had existed previously. My protest at this devaluation would have been of no avail, because of my prior experience with protesting a valuation in 1993 that was documented on my written Petition to the Board of Review dated 4/19/1993 and as a result the dye was cast in" "concrete" and I was laid off in March the following year (2002). For additional details about this photo see the post THE COST OF VOLUNTEERING - EDITED AND UPDATED 

by lligning all those types known to deflect,

anything thical less their actions expose the diskette,

where such have sworn to reflect,
the cause of fictional “claims” much like Shreck

to receive “pay out” support for a stolen check,

that never was theirs, to cover up the deck,

into “whose” coffers such are shown to frolick”,
But who can no longer claim to be non “complicit”!

* Footnote:
See The Finale/Outcome: section of the post ETHICAL TREATMENT OF OTHERS SHOULD ALWAYS BE PRACTICED - EDITED/UPDATED AND AMENDED for addition discussion about "free loader cause" originals and their practices.

* Footnote1:
For further discussion on the subject of outright name changing see the 5th bulleted listing in the "Furthermore most claiming..." paragraph of the Conclusion section of the post ETHICAL TREATMENT OF OTHERS SHOULD ALWAYS BE PRACTICED - EDITED/UPDATED AND AMENDED